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Welcome to our web site!

Although still partially under construction, the St. Andrew Youth Group Website features a schedule, photo gallery, contact page, interviews, and more!
We meet at St. Andrew Apostle Catholic Church (Silver Spring), Sunday evenings from 5:00 - 6:30.  If you are an area youth looking to get involved in something bigger than yourself, drop in sometime.
Event Reviews -  St. Martins Concert for Life, Rally and March for Life, Encounter '05.
Photo Album - Featuring the Rally and Mass for Life
"Out of all the books I have read in my entire life, this one has probably affected my outlook on life in the greatest positive way."
                            -See The Editorial Page
Music Playing: Our God Is Good by Joshua Blakesley

Our small but growing youth group is always interested in new members and suggestions.  Although we are Roman Catholic and prone to spreading this faith, any youth from the Silver Spring, MD area is welcome to contact us and become involved with our fun and often inspirational activities.
St. Andrew Apostle youth group has made its presence known at various conscience-aware youth functions around the D.C. metropolitan area, and is always open to serve in any way possible.  If you think you have an oppurtunity for some junior high and/or high school students to perform service contact us.

Be On the Watch for...

Faithful Football
Mount 2000
Snow Tubing
Steubenville '06
Encounter '06

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Please only sign up once/one address because if we reach fifty, we have to pay.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for announcements and special events.

St. Andrew the Apostle Roman Catholic Parish Youth Group
(that's a mouthful)